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  1. Facebook For Crafters

    April 25, 2013 by onna salman


    Social media sites like Facebook can be a great place for crafters to share their own ideas, look for new crafting ideas and interact with a community of crafters. Using Facebook, those who love crafts can join groups and talk with others who enjoy crafting. Websites like Facebook make it easy for people with similar interests to interact and share tips, advice, patterns, projects and more craft-related fun.

    To use Facebook, you’ll need to sign up for an account and make a profile. You can include your hobbies in your profile, so adding things like sewing, knitting, scrapbooking and any other craft hobby you are interested in will help other crafters find you. Once you sign up for Facebook, or if you already have a Facebook profile, you can start by searching for the word “craft” in the search box.

    After you search for the word “craft,” look through the search results for community pages or websites that have to do with crafts. You should see some pages that are for websites and blog, in addition to pages for interest groups. Once you find pages that you like, click the Like button next to each page. Once you click the Like button, you’ll then be following that page and when they post anything, it will show up in your news feed. Each time you log on to Facebook, you will see the new posts from the pages you chose to Like.

    If you have more specific crafting interests, search for those terms as well. If you like to crochet, search “crochet” on Facebook. If you like to quilt, search for “quilt” on Facebook. Once you have searched all relevant search terms and Liked all the pages that apply, you will have a very comprehensive news feed that will display all of the posts from all of the pages you have Liked on Facebook.

    When you see posts from pages you like, you can like these posts and also comment on the posts. A good way to make friends on Facebook that like similar crafts is to look on posts at who else is commenting and liking each post. If you see a person who looks like they enjoy the same crafts as you do, you can Friend this person on Facebook.

    In addition to interacting on other Facebook pages, you can also update your own Facebook page with craft-related posts. You can post links to websites, photos of your own crafts or crafts that you have found online, or general posts about crafting. Over time, you will build up a friendship base on Facebook and be able to share crafting advice, tips, and information with your network of Facebook friends.

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  2. Simple Scrapbooking Tips for a Beginner

    April 14, 2013 by onna salman


    Scrapbooking allows you to exercise your creativity by keeping all your memories together in one beautiful piece collection of photos that are worth a thousand words. While you can always buy a photo album to store your precious photographs, scrapbooking is more of a fun way of keeping your photos together. You can personalize its design and make it more memorable for you and your loved ones. For a beginner who wants to stretch their creativity, here are some scrapbooking tips to help you get started.

    Get Organized

    Before you start creating your scrapbook, you need to select which photos best tell the story or express the moment you are trying to capture in the album. You can create a timeline for your photos that will tell stories about special events and memorable happenings that you want to remember and share. Too many photos can sometimes distract from the story you want to convey. So try to choose the most compelling pictures that really get to the heart of those special moments. Remember that these moments do not have to be big events. Often quiet moments spent together are the ones we want to hold dear as time passes. Choose the ones that are important to you.

    Prepare the basic tools you need

    There are basic tools that will be helpful as you start creating your personalized scrapbook. Choose a scissor that will not leave rough edges on your scrapbook paper. Better yet, you can use a paper cutter that would be the size of 12 x 12 in order to accommodate the standard scrapbooking paper size. An adhesive tape will always come in handy; the most commonly used one for scrapbooking is a double sided tape. You also will need a variety of quality paper to display the pictures in frames on the back board. There are many designs available that you can find in craft stores to match your scrapbooking theme.

    Choosing your scrapbooking templates

    When creating your scrapbook designs, you need a template as your guide. As a beginner, you may find it difficult to start from scratch when creating your album pages. Custom made scrapbooking templates will come very helpful in providing guidance as you begin. There are many digital templates found online and many options in your local craft store. A photo editing program is also helpful as you get experience and want to create your own designs. Using the grids to measure the size and shapes of your designs from the template will give you accurate placements when creating your designs. There are also custom-made shapes that are pre-installed that you can mix and match to discover what appeals to you best.

    Scrapbooking layout ideas

    When preparing the layout of the scrapbook, always reserve the first page for the title page. Lay out the pictures on each page first before you start taping or decorating. Cardstock and patterned paper can be good materials to accentuate the designs of each page. Stickers can also be good embellishments. You can also perk up your creativeness by using colored pens to make more creative designs.

    Choosing the scrapbooking paper

    The most important material for scrapbooking making is the paper. There are card stocks and patterned papers in various colors available in the market. You can choose the color according to your albums theme and design. Color choice is essential to complement your design and photos. For simple photos, colorful patterned papers are a good choice. If your photo captures a complex picture, then a simpler background is best to use. Cardstock is made from a solid paper to providing base support for your layout.

    Add a personal touch by adding journal entries

    Journaling is one of the important things to do when scrapbooking. It adds more substance to your scrapbook, giving a statement about the pictures in the scrapbook timeline. Using your own handwriting will give a more personalized touch when explaining what is happening in the picture. Highlight words that are meaningful to you will make it more appealing when viewed.

    These scrapbooking tips are a starting point for your scrapbooking projects, but don’t be afraid to strike out wherever the fancy takes you. As you create more pages, new ideas will continuously inspire you and will get you more comfortable as you explore your creativity.

    Sarah E Shepard is a scrapbooking enthusiast, who loves to write. You can check out her latest website at Scrapbooking Tips, where she provides tips, tools, and resources, such as Scrapbooking Layouts and others.

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  3. Tips Membuat Dekorasi Bunga Tempel

    December 26, 2012 by onna salman

    Tips Membuat Dekorasi Bunga TempelNatal sudah lewat, namun belajar membuat pernak-pernik untuk dekorasi menjadi daya tarik tersendiri. Dekorasi bertujuan agar tercipta suasana menjadi kesan berbeda dan berkelas. Sekarang saya akan mengajarkan bagaimana caranya membuat pernak-pernik dekorasi dari bunga-bunga kering.

    Bunga kering bisa kita beli di toko khusus menjual pot dan tanaman obat, seperti di Mall atau Toko Bunga. Atau jika kamu memiliki bunga kering yang mungkin Pot nya sudah pecah, jangan buru-buru membuangnya karena kita bisa me-recycle ulang menjadi tanaman yang baru kembali.

    Simak cara membuatnya!


    1 bh Bola dari bahan Steriofoam

    Bunga kering/hidup ukuran kecil (warna dan jenis sesuai selera)


    Lem Fox



    Cutter / Pisau

    2 bh Kawat uk.5cm

    Langkah-Langkah untuk Membuat

    1. Ambil Bola berbahan steriofoam dan bikin lobang 2 sisi atas dan bawah bebentuk bulat berdiameter +/- 1cm
    2. Pasang dan masukkan kawat di antara lobang bulat tersebut pada bagian atas dan bawah. Bubuhkan lem agar kawat kuat.
    3. Pasang Pita cantik di kawat tersebut. Paling atas Pita dibuat simpul agar bias digantung di Pohon Natal atau benda tertentu dan kawat paling bawah dipasang Pita rumbai.
    4. Siapkan beberapa bunga dan potong tangkainya yang disisakan sepanjang +/- 2cm untuk menusuk ke dalam bola steriofoam. Lakukan hingga bola terisi penuh dengan bunga.
    5. Oranament Bunga siap digantung.

    Kalau kamu bosan dengan Bunga, Anda bisa menggantikannya dengan pita-pita atau rumput plastik, atau pecahan telur yang sudah dicat, dsb-dsb.

    Selamat berkreasi!